Brain Reno is a highly curated online learning platform connecting students with some of the world’s top online courses.

We believe the best way to get somewhere is not to navigate through the unknown alone but get some directions from someone who has already been there.

We are not only extremely passionate about aiding our students on their journey but we also take great pride in helping our instructors generate an income from something they love and have spent a large portion of their life mastering.

Who are our instructors?

  1. Well regarded professionals having success in a particular field
  2. Highly skilled individuals who have taken the time and effort to create an amazing online learning experience.

How It Works

Students can purchase their desired course on our website.  Then once logged in, via their account they will then have access to the video tutorials and other learning material of each purchased course.  The courses on our site are designed by our amazing Instructors build and manage their own course via our platform.

Key Features For Students 

  • Member login to online portal where you can complete any purchased online course via your desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • A promo video/trailer of each course so you can get a feel of whether or not a course is for you before you buy.
  • A highly curated library of courses meaning that instead of having to search through hundreds or even thousands to try and find the best course on something you want to learn,
  • Flexibility to do courses at your own speed.
  • Flexibility to watch or re-watch classes  whenever you like.
  • Easy to navigate portal that allows you to roll backwards or forwards to anywhere in the course or repeat a component that you feel you need to revisit.
  • In addition to receiving access to video tutorials, on selected courses instructors may have also added quizzes so you can check how well you are retaining what you have just learned.
  • When our instructors are building their course via our platform they are given many more tools than our competitors which allows to create a better overall learning experience for you.

Benefits For Instructors

  • Instant access to our online course builder portal allowing you to build and manage your course on our site.
  • Feedback and support from our highly experienced team to help you make your course the best it can be.
  • No upfront costs on hosting of your videos and courses.  BrainReno takes a commission on your sales but your course is 100% free to setup.
  • Video hosting on our partnered cloud instantly making your videos private and only viewable by enrolled students.
  • Check your earned commissions in real time via your login
  • A flat commission of 75% on all sales
  • 1 on 1 online marketing support to help make sure all the time you spent making this amazing course is connected with those who are eager to learn.
  • Exposure in an online course marketplace that isn’t over-saturated with courses that are trying to teach the same thing you are.
  • Involvement in fast growing online community focused on improving the lives of people beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

Course Quality Control

After instructors complete building their course on our platform it is submitted to our team for review.

We then check the course to make sure it has:

  • Good audio quality
  • Good video quality
  • A well structured format
  • A well executed natural/professional delivery from the instructor
  • Informative content
  • Good support documentation

If we feel that a course has potential but isn’t quite there then we will offer feedback to the instructor to assist in helping them reach the bar.  Our quality control policies are in place to make sure our students have a great learning experience but also to help our instructors get great reviews and grow their online tutorial opportunities.


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